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Teething Toys For Babies

Teething Toys for Babies Helps Ease the Pain

One of the most challenging times for a baby is cutting teeth, which is also known as teething. It can be a painful time for every tooth as it cuts through the gums. There is medicine to help numb the pain to rub on the gums. Pain relievers like Tylenol are most common because babies may run a fever while teething. There are different things to help during this stage of the baby's life. We make teething toys for babies that can make great gifts for the baby. They come in regular rings or with toys attached to them to make them more fun. We have a few choices in the teething toys for babies are the wooden teether with silicone beads and the sensory beech wood toy teether. There are also the two Jellystone brand name teethers available. We have the Jellystone designs cloud teether and the Jellystone designs color wheel.

The Jellystone teething toys are among the most popular brands. There are thousands of name brands, but Jellystone teething toys are the ones we find people like due to the color and what they do for helping babies cut their first sets of teeth. Simple toys do not take much to keep the baby occupied as they chew on these teethers to help them ease the pain. We will go over the two types of Jellystone teething toys we have available. The cloud teether comes in four different colors. This teether is also a rattle, so it adds to the fun of chewing. The teether is made of silicone, and it has a ball rattle, which is made out of beech wood. Everything is safe for the baby and ready for shipping. The color wheel is made like a puzzle and helps with colors and putting pieces together. It is good for teething, but they can learn motor skills, coordination, and problem-solving skills.

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