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Organic Bamboo Wraps

Learn About Our Organic Bamboo Wraps for Newborns

We have organic bamboo wraps for newborn babies in three different colors, golden honey, clay, and petals. Everyone knows a newborn baby's skin is highly sensitive, some more than others. Everything has to be washed a certain way without the use of harsh chemicals. All of our baby wraps are made with 70 percent bamboo and 30 percent organic cotton. Both products are hypoallergenic and all-natural. The cotton is organic, which means the cotton was grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides. Another significant reason bamboo is used for the baby is that it absorbs 300 percent more than cotton. Since diapers may not always hold their own, the bamboo fabric will absorb the remaining moisture keeping unwanted leakage from the diaper from going through the blanket onto the bed. While the baby is wrapped, they will not feel the leakage's wetness since the blanket absorbed everything. It is a great way to keep the baby happy while feeling the comfort of being snuggled.

Another item to check out is the cotton bodysuits for babies. Every piece of fabric or cloth that is used for clothing is 100 percent organic. We have short sleeve cotton bodysuits for babies. The GOTS-certified organic cotton is designed to keep the little one cool in the summertime and warm during the cold part of winter. It is a casual set for babies, and it works well for both mom and baby. The convenience is second to none because it is easy to grab, put on, and take off. Since it is all in one and the bottom opens up with snaps, it gives easy and quick access to changing diapers. The less time spent on that, the more time there is to play with the baby. It is one of the sets of clothes most parents appreciate.

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