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Baby Shower Present Ideas

Baby Shower Present Ideas for Friends and Family Members

UMKA Baby has the best bows and headbands for babies. There is nothing cuter than a baby girl with a headband and little bows in her hair. Some of the bows and headbands for babies are year-round, but we also have some for Christmas. If you want to dress your baby girl for pictures, family visits, church, or something casual around the house, we have the perfect selection to choose from. The best part is, they are all handmade. Since Christmas is right around the corner, and the next one seems to come as fast, check out our Reindeer Ears Floral Headband. The headband is a soft elastic with different color flowers added to it with a set of small reindeer antlers and ears to go with it. It is perfect for Santa's little helpers. Our regular headbands have different color bows that go with them and are ideal for those family portraits.

For anyone who is having a baby shower, we have the best baby shower present ideas in stock and ready to order. There are multiple items to choose from with a price range from $10.00 to $79.00. All the prices are below $100.00, so it is affordable for those baby shower present ideas for an expectant mother. We also have different colors and sizes to choose from in our online shop. There are regular headbands with bows, Christmas headbands, baby wraps, sandal shoes, baby shoes, rompers, beaded racks for hanging clothes, clothes for toddlers and small children, pajamas, knit sweaters, teething rings, and toys. While scrolling through our inventory, it is easy to find something for boys and girls. Items like the different types of teething rings and rattles are excellent toys for those who want to be surprised with the sex of the baby at birth.

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